Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And I was just bragging

I have been bragging all week long how good I felt and how I've had none to little nausea. I've even "cheated" a few times this past week. I sampled a small amount of peach dump cake and did great.
Last night I stopped by the store to get some light mayo so I could make some tuna salad (I live on tuna salad these days) and decided to try and bag of Hot and Spicy Pork Skins (they were passing them around at my last group meeting). Well I ate way to much of them and went to be with a terrible stomach ache. I had horrible dreams all night long (Hannibal Lecture was eating my friends and I was trying to save myself and still help my friends). This morning I was almost back to normal so all was good.
Well for dinner I grilled some chicken breast and thought I would try and eat one (it is in the diet phase I'm in). I got several bits down and all of a sudden I had some sharp pain in my chest. It felt like I swallowed a knife. I ran to the bathroom and spent the next 45 min. throwing up. OMG it hurt so bad. It's been about 2 hours since I moved to the couch and all is going well so far.
I know I just got comfortable and tried to jump ahead faster than I should have. And I paid the price. Trust me I will be careful from now on.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Back at work :)

Today was my first day back at work and it went fantastic. I'm a hairstylist so I stand for hours at a time and I was a bit worried about that but it went fantastic. I had my clients books so that I would have about a 15 min. gap between each one so I would have time to catch my breath. I got to the salon almost an hour early so I would have time to get set up and when I walked in there was 4 large vases of flowers on my station. Wow, I guess they really did miss me. I know I sure did miss them.
I feel so much better this week compared to the last two. There are even times that I catch myself forgetting about the surgery all together, I feel so normal.
I cooked dinner for the family and I tried to eat a piece of chicken with them. I did finish, but it sure did hurt. I pan fried the chicken in water with no breading and I think maybe I should have steamed it or boiled (poached) it. Oh well, I'll keep trying.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

50lbs even

I stepped on the scale this morning to a great surprise. I've lost 50lbs since April 1st. I am SO excited about this milestone. It really makes me feel good.
I start back to work tomorrow and man am I ready. Just the last 2 days I've had a major energy breakthru and now I'm bored. I really think it has to do with moving up to the next food stage. I'm now in the soft food stage now and there's more choices. I can have scrambled eggs (even with a small amount of cheese). I no longer have to put my chicken or tuna salad in the blender. I just have to chew it to a mush, but it's nice to have some texture in my mouth.
To think that I'm only 3 weeks out from surgery and I feel so different already. I can feel a big difference just around the house, like when I go up and down the stairs or just doing things around the house.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Food TV

I'm doing/feeling great. I'm up to walking a mile aday and tomorrow will try walking a mile twice a day. The plan was to be walking 2 miles a day by time time I went back to work. I go back to work next week Wednesday.
I'm very shocked at how much I think about food. It's not cravings or urges to eat food, but I still think about food nonstop. Again, I'm not thinking about what I missing or craving.
We still watch Food TV more than any channel. Even when I'm reading my book, Food TV is on in the back ground. Since I'm home full time now I've been cooking dinner for the family everynight. I'm not tempted at all and I really enjoy doing nice things for my family and I do set with them and eat my pureed tuna while they eat.