Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oh Jesse

Well I'm down 90lbs and doing amazing! I joined a gym this week and have been 3 times already. When my partner and I went in on Sunday so he could add me to his membership (we have a few gay couple friends who go to the same gym so we knew they would let us join as a family) and told the trainer at the desk that we wanted to change my partners membership into a family membership. He looked us straight (no pun intended) in the eye and said if you can produce a marrige license then you can switch to a family membership. Well it only took me about 60 seconds to inform him that I knew his company policy better than he did and if he didn't wish to deal with us then please let someone else take his place. Of course he said that HE had no problem with us being a family and he would love to sell me a family membership now that he understood the policy. Bull Crap! Once he took my money and get me signed up he told me I got a free session with a personal trainer. I ask him if he could please hook me up with one who had some experience with Weight Loss Surgery clients. He said no problem that he knew the gym had about 15 clients who have had the LapBand. So we set up an apt for me the next day with Jesse.
I show up alittle early so I can spend alittle warm up time on the treadmill. "Jesse" comes over to get me right on time and suggest that we go set outside and get to know each other.
Alright, my first impression of Jesse is: cute and about 100lbs soaking wet. So we go outside and set on a bench and he starts his Q & A and is doing lots of writing. I tell him I'm 3 months out from Bariatric Surgery and I have a release from my surgeon. He tells me he is a marathon runner and that is a big interest of his as a trainer and wants to know if I'm trying to train for a marathon. I say "no way in hell, unless he wants to pay for me to get new knee's. 'Cause if this big ass trys to run my knee's will blow out pretty fast". He tells me he doesn't know much about Weight Loss Surgery (I really appreciate his honesty and that he didn't just try and fake his way thru this to get a client). We talk about this & that for abit and finally agree to give each other a try and just see how it goes. We spent the next hour together and did great together, although he did confess at the end that he was pretty nervous during the Cross-Fit training. He kept asking me if I felt like I was going to throw up or dizzy. I was VERY dizzy but never felt like I would throw up (he told me it was his job to clean it up if I did and he really didn't want to do that). It was very obvious that his average client was in much better shape than I am. He would always start out by saying "now drop fast to the floor and give me 20 push ups as fast as you can" and after I would do 5 he would chicken out and say "alright that was enough, stop and rest". I admit there's no way in Hell I could do 20 push ups but isn't it his job to try and make me? I think he knows a puker when he see's one! What ever the reason, I'm thankful he has a heart. ha ha
We ended out hour together without hateing each other (or at least I liked him) and he said he finds this surgery very interesting and wanted to work with me. He offered to split his normal hour sessions into 30 min. sessions and then just put me on a treadmill afterwards (since I can't do an hours worth of this cross-fit thing without stroking out). That was very nice of him and since he is $40 per hour I took him up on it. So I'm going to meet with him every Monday and Tuesday for a while and then I'll be on my own during the week.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

sailing along

I'm down 80lbs and still just a sailing along. Took the kids to the mall tonight to see Transformers and then we had dinner in the food court. The kids had pizza and I ordered just a single meatball, 20 minutes later I'm in the bathroom throwing up. It was over pretty fast and then all was better and we were walking the mall. I usually grab a small salad from Subway and never have the "throwing up problem" with it. Lesson learned!
I've been walking pretty regularly and honestly feeling fantastic. I haven't felt this well in years. I have had a few times where my body can't seem to keep up with my mind. But I can certainly tell that I am not carrying as much weight around. My knee's and feet don't bother me near as much (used to be a daily thing).