Saturday, October 17, 2009

City Chicks by Pat Foreman

I was given a signed copy of this book recently by a friend and I'm LOVING it!
I just learned that 1 chick and eat 84lbs of kitchen and yard was every year. Times 3 (we have 2 chickens and 1 duck) is: 252lbs of stuff that would go into a landfill. WOW! Now I just have to figure out a way for the chickens to get it and not my dogs.
Well off to more reading.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

whole lota jiggle

Jesse gave me a tip on how to start running so I gave it a try today on the treadmill. I jog for the first 30seconds of each 5 minute block (jog for 30 sec then walk for 4 1/2 mins). I made a mistake right off the bat, I started off with my jog and the 30 sec. mark came around and I felt great so I just kept on going. I hit the 1 minute mark at 5.5 and then slowed down to 4.0. Then second round I jogged for 45 seconds and then I stuck to the 30 second recomended time. I did this for 5 rounds and then just walked for 15 more minutes. At one point I grabbed onto the heartrate bar and my heartrate was at 157 (that was after my 1minute jog). My heart was pounding and it felt GOOD! We'll see if I keep this up or not, it was a site to behold. My 315lb butt actually trying to get both feet off the ground at the same time (you see if both feet don't leave the ground at the same time it's just a fast walk. lol).

Monday, October 5, 2009

It actually gets better and better

I'm somewhat shocked how how different I feel since I'm off the meds. I can really tell a huge difference while at the gym. It's really nice to be able to work out until my body gives out (which still doesn't take long), instead of all that damn dizzyness crap.

I've been able to replace most of my gym clothes already, that is a great feeling. Jesse had me facing the mirror the other day doing shoulder presses and I was somewhat grossed out by how flabby and sloppy I was looking. So off to GoodWill I went and donated the last of my 4X and 3X tee shirts. I'm all 2X now:)
I can't remember if I mentioned that I bought a bike or not. One with a wide seat of course:))
I've taken it around the block a few times and it is a nice break and a chance for fresh air. I'm afraid to get to far from the house just yet in case I pop the tires and have to push it home. Sad but true!