Saturday, March 27, 2010

No Regrets!

Here's 2 before pictures (the one in the white shirt is the night before my surgery) and 2 recent photo's. I've lost a total of 180lbs in 11 months (the goal set by the program was to lose 200lbs total within 2 years).
My old life really seems like an odd dream. Almost like recalling a movie about someone else. I've heard recovering drug addicts say similar things about their old "drug" life.
I will admit that there have been many days where the journey was really tough. And strangely enough the toughest days had nothing to do with food but with being forced to deal with the things that "made" me fat to begin with.
I have had to admit that my self-image is totally warped. And that I'm a total "people pleaser" who has always put my own needs last, even when having to look for things to help others with just so I didn't have to face my own problems. To realize that it's not selfish to "take care of your self"! You can't truly help others when your lieing to yourself.
For the first time in MANY years I am really smiling on the inside just as big as I'm smiling on the outside.